Hookup Culture Basics

There are many aspects that make up the Hookup Culture in our modern day society. It is becoming a very big part of society, and the way that our younger generations view relationships. When I was growing up, hookup culture was not such a big deal and more or less, it was considered to be normal. Most people thought that having multiple partners was fine and even par for the course. However, as I have grown older, and my views have changed, I have realized that it is unhealthy.

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The Hookup culture in our society is centered around sex. It is not uncommon to see groups of young single men watching adult movies during the commute to work, or watching pornography while their girlfriends are with them. There is nothing wrong with this, so why should anyone have to put themselves through the misery of having to have sex outside of a relationship?

The only reason anyone should have to have sex outside of a relationship is if they are looking to build a relationship with someone that they can marry. Having sex with someone who is just out there for the sex can lead to broken relationships and heartaches down the road. It is important that we teach our younger generation the basics of Hookup culture before it is too late.

Too many young adults enter into a committed relationship without learning how to be secure enough in themselves to have sex outside of that relationship. They may be afraid of being rejected by their partner if they had sex before marriage. Or, they may be afraid that they will not be desirable to their partner if they choose to have premarital sex. No one has to live like this. If you are looking for lasting relationships, then you should learn about yourself and your partner and decide what works for each of you.

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One of the most basic of Hookup culture’s is that sex should be at a minimum. Yes, having casual sex in one of these relationships is perfectly acceptable. However, there are many couples out there that would be better off if they just waited until marriage. Sex before marriage is seen as a sexual addict and should be avoided. It is not worth risking your entire future just for some fun or excitement.

Another fundamental of hookup culture that needs to be discussed is that young adults should be taught that sex is not natural to them. They should understand that sex is only something that they get from someone else. If they choose to have premarital sex, then they should be held responsible for it and should know that it will not make them happy in the long run. They should know that it will not help build a loving relationship either.

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If young adults are going to survive in a world where sex is all that matters, then they must learn to hold themselves to higher standards. People can be great friends and good friends to each other. But, it doesn’t mean that you can put a marriage and children on the same page if you have other intentions. This is the true essence of hookup culture, and it needs to be changed if people are going to have any chance of surviving in today’s society.